Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

NOW! You Can Have Outstanding Color & Paint Protection at the same time!

“Why settle for just clear or matte finish PPF over your factory paint? Now you can have outstanding color and gloss combined with the self healing and protective benefits that Paint Protection Film offers, thanks to Flexi Shield’s Cosmetic PPF Film.

Flexishield Cosmetic PPF, instantly transforms the look of your vehicle with amazing color and gloss while also protecting it from all kinds of road hazards. This 8 mil thick film also has a self healing top coat to provide outstanding resilience to stone chips and minor scratches for years to come!

Utilize this link to view some of the amazing colors available in this film. The “HG| High Glitter” the “DM| Color Flip” and “SP| Special Styles” tabs highlight some of the many color FlexiShield options.”

Don’t Hide Your Protection… Flaunt It ! ! !

With special attention paid to the brilliance of each color while retaining the integrity of its polyurethane construction, FlexiShield cuts no corners in the production of this outstanding film and backs it with a warranty that is twice as long as most vinyl films offerings. Here is a link to a video about the durability of this film.

Don’t settle for the mottled texture of a PVC vinyl wrap film when looking to personalize the appearance of your vehicle. FlexiShield Cosmetic Paint Protection Film is available in over 50 outstanding colors! With extreme metal flake, blazing solid colors and amazing colorshift options, the only question is… What color am I going to get??? Just like 31 Flavors Ice Cream it may be difficult to decide which color will be just right for your ride! “ Contact Us” to view your new FlexiShield color today!